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Green is the new black

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

It seems fair to say the climate is in crisis: heatwaves, fires blazing across fields, warmer

winters, rising ocean temperatures … the list of alarming changes to our planet is increasing at an unnerving rate.

However, coaches are one of the most positive and sustainable transport solutions which help reduce carbon emissions, pollution, road congestion and road damage.

Emissions Coach travel ranks as the second-most efficient means of travel. On average coaches produce 27g emissions per passenger per km travelled. Beaten only by the Eurostar, with its incredibly low emission rate of 6g per passenger. One car with one passenger will release approximately 171g of C02 emissions, and even a car containing four passengers will still release 43g of C02 emissions per person. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) estimate that travelling by coach reduces average C02 emissions by 80% compared to cars, and passengers choosing to travel by coach rather than car, saved 400,000 tonnes of carbon last year. So, for the average traveller around the UK – coaches are the greenest solution! Did you know?

  • Coach tourism contributed £14 billion to the UK economy

  • According to the CPT, one coach can keep up to 50 cars off the road

  • Taking a coach to Europe instead of flying saves emissions

  • Travel by bus saves fuel consumption

Congestion Less cars on the road means less congestion. Congested roads with slow-moving transport creates more unnecessary pollution due to more fuel being burnt. Transporting large numbers of people in one vehicle frees up roads and burns less fuel which leads to fewer toxic gasses being emitted into our environment. A 53-seat capacity coach can replace up to 13 cars. A reduction in congestion and emissions also helps reduce poor air quality which has a massive impact on our health. Improving air quality is essential in combatting the three most common conditions associated with air pollution: respiratory conditions e.g. asthma, cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. Poor air quality is also linked with dementia, low birth weight and Type 2 diabetes. Choosing coach travel is a hugely positive step in utilising green and sustainable solutions to improve our health and environment. The green future of coaches To become carbon neutral, Flixbus are developing long-term partnerships with established coach companies to help invest in sustainable solutions that can future-proof operators against strict vehicle and carbon regulations. For example, their London to Dortmund service has used solar panels since 2020 and they are looking to install more on their domestic routes this year. Other great benefits coaches provide Coaching and tourism 80% of the coaching industry’s income is generated by tourism. In fact, in 2019 there were 23 million visits to tourist attractions by coach. We are starting to see a much-needed surge in coach tourism since the pandemic, with large numbers of people taking up the fantastic services coach travel offers tourists. Whether it’s the fantastic deals to major attractions or the friendly support and care coach travel offers vulnerable clients, it is obvious to see coach travel is something far more than simply getting people from a-b. Travelling by coach provides brilliant opportunities and an improvement of life quality to many passengers, not to mention the savings on carbon emissions for the environment. Coaches and mental wellbeing Passengers benefit so much from simply choosing to use a coach over a car! Since the pandemic with many people suffering from isolation and loneliness, affordable coach travel has helped encourage inclusivity, interaction and the freedom to easily explore our lovely country. For more information regarding our interest in building a greener future to benefit us all, please view our consultancy services or call 01493 803740 or contact us.

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