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Supporting coach operators ahead of the spring/summer season

Easter is the time of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. For some people it marks the start of Spring. For others, it’s a time to reflect and welcome a new beginning.

For coach and bus drivers, Easter traditionally marks the start of the busy season. From day excursions to coach holidays, passengers are keen to explore the UK (and beyond) through the comfort of a luxury coach. We predict this year could see a boom in passenger travel as people flock to affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly forms of transport.

But while coach travel is notoriously stress free for passengers, the same can’t be said for transport managers! In fact, the start of the new season is a time where transport managers are under pressure to ensure the entire fleet is compliant with the latest legislation.

CJC Transport Consultants can ease the burden on your transport managers.

Early preparation for the new season will make the transition much smoother. Not only will you have the chance to rectify any potential issues before they escalate, but early planning shows to your team you are consistently finding ways to assist them in their day-to-day tasks.

At CJC Transport, we can work alongside an in-house team to offer additional help and support for transport managers. We can help manage some of the tasks, freeing up time to focus on pressing matters such as driver support, vehicle maintenance and customer service. Alternatively, we can offer outsourced transport management support to ensure your business is running as effectively as possible.

Here are some of the ways we can help you prepare for the upcoming passenger season.

Compliance and due diligence

Don’t leave it to the last minute to check your compliance paperwork is in place for the upcoming season. We can manage, audit, and review your compliance systems to check your business is adhering to the latest legislation, from vehicle maintenance and safety checks to driver support and management.

TACHO Management

Vehicles fitted with a digital tachograph unit should be regularly monitored. Reports need to be downloaded and assessed every 90 days, while drivers’ tachograph smart card downloaded least every 28 days. We can manage ongoing analysis and monitoring. This will help to prevent any infringements from occurring, co-ordinate your vehicles and provide suitable support for your drivers.

Driver Licence checks

Discovering one of your drivers has an expired licence is the last thing you want to happen at the start of a busy season. We can double check your drivers’ licences to ensure everyone has the right licence in place to drive a bus or coach in the UK or across Europe. From here, we can keep a record of any expiry dates or ensure any non-GB vocational drivers have registered their licences with the DVLA.

Monitoring driver CPC

It is essential drivers are up-to-date on their CPC training. We already know many drivers CPC cards will expire this year. There will naturally be an increased demand for CPC training in the coming months, so proactive management will ensure your drivers are ready to go and training needs are managed before the busy season commences.

Of course, our expertise isn’t just in the administration of your CPC checks. We can deliver CPC driver training direct to your fleet – either on your premises or at an external venue. The sooner you book any training requirements, the better.

Now’s the time to contact CJC Transport Consultants

At CJC Transport Consultants, we can work with you and your team to ensure you are fully prepared ahead of the start of the 2023 season. Everything we do is designed to support the smooth running of your business; from training delivery through to consultancy services as well as the daily support that can help your business flourish.

To find out more about what we can offer, please contact us directly on 01493 803 740.

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