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Don’t panic…it’s just a Traffic Commissioner inspection!

Don't panic about any upcoming audits or inspections

Have you been told you need to invest in a compliance audit? Perhaps you've received a visit from the Traffic Commissioner and need to follow their recommendations to improve your compliance procedures.

If so, we understand your stress levels.

After all, the stakes are high; if things go wrong, you could risk losing your operator licence.

But we don't want you to panic.

Instead, we want you to take a few breaths and think logically about what steps to take to rectify any issues.

If you don't know where to start, please talk to us.

There are two ways we can help you.

We can review your compliance processes and put new systems in place to prepare you for an audit, or we can act as an external auditor to fulfil any requirements imposed by the Traffic Commissioner.

Helping you to act on recommendations put forth by the Traffic Commissioner

"Carl came to see us after we received a warning from the Traffic Commissioner. Without his help, we would've ended up in a Public Enquiry. I just wish I'd called him earlier!"

If you've had a visit from the Traffic Commissioner, they probably gave you recommendations for improving your compliance procedures.

Typically, you will have three months to put any recommendations and improvements in place before inviting an external auditor to conduct a thorough review.

Your first step is to book your auditor. Three months isn't long, and auditors get booked in advance. If you haven't passed your audit by the end of the allotted timeframe, the Transport Commissioner could revoke your licence to operate, or you could be pulled into a public enquiry.

No one wants that to happen.

Therefore, your immediate priority should be to get that date firmly in the diary.

Beyond that, if you're not sure where to start with the recommendations from the Transport Commissioner, you should give us a call.

Our experience as outsourced traffic management support means we can come in and review the recommendations on your behalf. Our knowledge of compliance procedures and understanding of the traffic sector means we've seen it all. We know how to put new systems and protocols in place to overhaul your compliance processes while helping you work more efficiently.

We can help you with staff training and development and strengthen your working practices so when your auditor arrives, you have the right processes to pass the audit with flying colours.

We can act as an external auditor.

You might be confident you can overhaul your processes and implement the recommendations yourself.

If so, that's great!

In these scenarios, we can come in as external auditors and comprehensively assess your current systems and procedures. In addition, we are aware of the published OTC guidance and have the experience and qualifications to provide a detailed written report for the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

Our audit reports will be submitted to the office on time, and within it, we promise the report will be a true reflection of your business.

Proactive support from CJC Transport could be the best investment you make.

Of course, an audit shouldn't be left until you are in trouble with the Transport Commissioner.

The best thing you can do to protect your business is to ensure you always adhere to compliance procedures.

We understand it's easy to fall into bad habits.

But those bad habits could cause significant problems for you, and could risk your business.

That's why we advocate for transport businesses to proactively conduct voluntary audits to confirm any working processes are continually meeting best practice guidelines. It will give you a continual independent assessment of your systems and processes and opportunities to turn weaknesses into strengths before they escalate into potential problems.

Our proactive pre-audit reviews can periodically check you are working as you should and nothing could cause an issue, should the Transport Commissioner decide to make a spot check.

At CJC Transport, we offer outsourced transport management services focusing on proactive support. Please get in touch to find out how we can help protect your business and prevent any issues with the Office of the Transport Commissioner.

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