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Get up to date with CPC training during the summer months!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

As any coach driver will state, the summer months are definitely the quieter ones of their working calendar. Although there are still tours and day excursions, school transfers end, swimming runs are no longer required, and school trips wait for the autumn term.

This does means July and August are the perfect months to get on top of CPC training to

ensure full compliance; if not, a £1,000 fine can be given.

CJC Training Courses If you’re not sure where to find great training, we’re here to help! From CPC training to first aid, we provide in house or off-site training across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Lincolnshire. All our trainers are experienced drivers who understand the demands of managing a fleet. Driver CPC training

  • Choose between 7 hours or 3.5 hours

  • Can be delivered at your location

  • Modules suitable for PCV and HGV

Depending on your preference and needs, we can arrange group training sessions with operators for you or all your drivers, onsite at your premises. It is up to you or your drivers when to take the training sessions and it’s simple enough to fit them around work schedules — especially during the quieter months! If you’re not sure when the 5 year deadline to complete the 35 hours training is up, you can find the date on your CPC card. What to expect Aside from the highly professional training that drivers receive, we also place the training on to the Driver CPC training record. As there are no tests or exams to pass at the end of the courses, a certificate of attendance is awarded; this is to keep, and an employer is not allowed to retain the certificate. We are also running the following courses: Operator Licence Awareness Training HGV Great Yarmouth | £70 +VAT per person | Thursday 30 June & Friday 1 July | 09:00 - 17:00 Drivers Hours and Use of Tachographs Kings Lynn | £70 +VAT per person | Friday 8 July | 09:00 - 17:00 Customer Service and Disability Awareness PCV Colchester | £70 +VAT per person | Saturday 16 July | 09:00 - 17:00 Did you know?

  • It is illegal to drive professionally if a driver has not done their training by the 5 year deadline

  • 35 hours of periodic training must be completed every 5 years to maintain and keep a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to drive a lorry, bus or coach

  • Modules suitable for PCV and HGV

  • Only one complete set of training is required every 5 years if a driver uses both lorries and buses professionally

  • CPC training must be completed in the country where the driver resides

If you need to check how many hours of training has been completed, use this link:

Acquired rights ‘Acquired rights’ means that due to previous driving experience, the Driver CPC initial qualification was not required. Acquired rights are given if the vocational licence was attained before the dates shown below:

Vehicle categories included

When you got your vocational licence


C, C1, C+E and C1+E

Before 10 September 2009

Bus or coach

D, D1, D+E, D1+E

​Before 10 September 2008

Bus or coach (not for hire or reward)


​After 1991

​Minibus (not for hire or reward)


Before 1997

Deadlines for drivers with acquired rights

Periodic training is still required with set deadlines as shown below:

Lorry driver

Bus or coach driver

​Dual-category driver (lorry, bus and coach)

First block of training

​9 September 2014

​9 September 2013

9 September 2013

Second block of training

9 September 2019

9 September 2018

9 September 2019

Third block of training

9 September 2024

9 September 2023

9 September 2024

Training can be finished, or extra tests taken if acquired rights have been obtained and the first block of training was not completed by the deadline.


Did you know?

  • Complete 35 hours of Driver CPC periodic training by taking training courses

  • Take and pass the Driver CPC part 2 and part 4 tests

The test option can only be chosen once. After that, periodic training must be maintained to remain qualified in the future.

For more information on our courses, or how CJC Transport Consultants can help with our other services, please call 01493 803740 or contact us.

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